3400 East 49th Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57103 | Phone: 605.371.2065
Mission, Vision and Value Statements SLOGAN: "Making Disciples & Making A Difference!" MISSION STATEMENT: To honor God by making disciples who make disciples for Jesus Christ. VISION STATEMENT: To be a healthy congregation of the United Methodist Church where every person is a minister! Southern Hills United Methodist Church is committed to being an inclusive, vital fellowship that helps persons meet their spiritual needs and equips and enables persons to follow Christ's call to become disciples and share God's love in our congregation, community and world.
Southern Hills Core Values Passionate Worship: Equipping Christians, through the proclamation of God’s word, to follow Christ in every sphere of life. Worship here is vital, relevant and biblically based. Radical Hospitality: Finding people where they are and shepherding them to be disciples of Jesus Christ. Intentional Faith Development: Using spiritual gifts to create a Christian community that uses its gifts for the expansion of God’s Kingdom. Risk-taking mission and service: We intend to be outwardly focused in order to connect people to Christ. We believe that God desires us to reach as many people as possible with Christ’s life-changing message. We pursue methods and policies that encourage numerical growth without compromising our integrity, mission, or dedication to Scripture. Extravagant Generosity: We believe that the secret of living as Christ taught is giving. We give of our time, talents, material gifts and witness. We recognize that God calls us to return a proportionate share of all that God has given us.
A United Methodist Faith Community